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Posted By: Amos
07-Mar-08 - 11:35 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
IT is a faskinatin' thing, Olive....

THe notion that a sea of Higgs' bosons is what imparts variable degrees of mass to all other particles, I mean.

In the most fundamental definition I know of, mass is defined as "resistance to acceleration". Acceleration of course is the change of rate of movement through space. The strange limiter of c on velocity is tied to the fact that it is the nature of space that it seems to increase mass of particles when they approach that speed. And the more mass, the more resistance to accelerating particles.

Well, suppose an equation were to be formulated that said S=m/c^2, or something like that -- in other words, defined a relationship between mass and "space".

Two interesting consequences, sketchily appearing, are:

1. That increasing mass with acceleration approaching c could be defined as space approaching infinity because "going faster adds to the amount of space carried by the particle". This would in some wise simplify the measurement of continua, I suspect.

2. The psychological link is tantalizing also. Consider that an individual's sense of space is a function of his viewpoint, and his ability to look at different spaces at will is one index of his psychological well-being. You can build a whole model of human dysfunction and therapy around the priciple of restoring space and command of space tothe viewpoint of the individual. There is a strong implication in all this that space is a function of a viewpoint generating dimensionality, in other words. To cut a long explanation short, suppose the relationship between space and mass on the side of the space-time continuum had a corrollary relationship between space and viewpoint on the consciousness side. THis could lead to a unified theory not only of space-time-energy, but of mind and matter. A single theory which harmonized the spectrum of phsyics studies and the spectrum of consciousness or psychological studies.

The notion of a big sweet unified construct addressing all these critters sure is temptin', ain't it?

Kinda like that Obama feller.

Thanks fer listening, Mom.