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Posted By: GUEST
07-Mar-08 - 12:56 PM
Thread Name: Capoing: What Key?
Subject: RE: Capoing: What Key?
For the last time, before I go get drunk--and it's only 9:44 AM here, but I may have to....

Please get some keyboard musician friend of yours to show you a C scale on a piano or electric keyboard or whatever. Ask him to play you a C-scale slowly, naming the notes as he goes. Look where the black keys are and where they are not. They are the sharps and flats. There is no black key between E and F; ergo there is no E sharp or F flat. Seven white keys and five black ones in an octave make 12 not 21. I keep harping on this piano thing because it's more visual on the keyboard.

Chicken Charlie
Slowly, I crept .....

PS. To all you folks who know the whole history of the well-tempered scale, you're right in theory, but in practice I hit the same key or finger at the same fret for A# and Bb, so please in this instance it's clear that we've got to move the cookies to a lower shelf.