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Posted By: Peace
07-Mar-08 - 06:31 PM
Thread Name: Capoing: What Key?
Subject: RE: Capoing: What Key?
Mr Happy--I humbly submit the following for your consideration.

Assume your guitar is tuned to concert and that you are using a standard EADGBE tuning.

If you play in the E position (chords for that key are E,A and B7--with their relative minors at times), then when you capo at the first fret you will now be playing in F. Second fret and you are playing in F# or Gb (F3 and Gb are the same for most practical purposes. Third fret G. Forth fret= G# or Ab. Fifth fret=A. Sixth fret is Bb. Seventh fret is B (or on rare occasions Cb). Seventh fret is C.

In the A position it goes as follows. First fret is A# or Bb. Second fret is B (and so on).

In the G position, first fret is G# or Ab. Second fret is A. Third fret is A# or Bb. Etc on up the neck.

In the D position, capoing at the first fret makes it D# (or Eb). Second fret is E (or on rare occasions Fb). Third fret is F. Fourth fret is F# or Gb. Fifth fret is fret is G, and so on up the neck.