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Posted By: katlaughing
07-Mar-08 - 10:39 PM
Thread Name: Thiemeatic Folk Process Alive and Well
Subject: Thiemeatic Folk Process Alive and Well
I didn't want this to get buried in the Folk Process Dead? thread, so here's a new one. This is for you, Art:

My grandson is four years old and, from the time he was a newborn, he has heard folk music, esp. recordings of Mudcatters, esp. Rick Fielding and Art Thieme. Those of you who are familiar with Art's story about Why White Men Can't See Clearly will remember how they sent their eyes out of their heads. When they got greedy and left them out too long, they had to borrow an eye from Rat, then one from Buffalo, etc.

In the car, the other day, on the way home from preschool, Morgan started telling me a story about some "good dragons and bad dragons." The good dragons flew all over, rounding up the bad dragons. At one point, they all took their eyes out and then they got all mixed up and they couldn't see right. Eventually, after much chasing around the good dragons got sorted out, but not the bad dragons. They were "never ever" able to see right, according to Morgan.

It sounds too close to me to NOT be the folk process alive and well from a very Kind Fine Art near Chicago to a little four year old in Colorado. They've never laid eyes on one another, but that little boy knows Art's distinctive voice and pickin' when he hears them and obviously he remembers a lot of what he hears. Made me really proud and happy to hear his "version" of an "Art Form." Artdarlin'...I could never tell you thanks, enough times, for all of your sharing. This one has been priceless to this grandma. Thank you.

luvyakat, Morgan, & Rog