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Posted By: Art Thieme
07-Mar-08 - 11:29 PM
Thread Name: Thiemeatic Folk Process Alive and Well
Subject: RE: Thiemeatic Folk Process Alive and Well
It's an honor to have Morgan take the tale I told and run with it. Really, it's very cool---to say the least. Thanks a ton for letting me know about it.

I've always hoped folks would learn the songs I "caught" and make 'em their own---for a while---and then, in turn, pass 'em on...

Our son, Chris, on the side, was a guide for bus tours of "haunted Chicago" for a few years. He'd grown up hearing me sing and tell whoppers on the steamboat all through the 80s and 1990s. When I realized one day that he was using some of my lines and tall tales while ghost hopping around Chi-town, well, I was just blown away. What a kick to be able to see him grow and pick up some of the traditions I had championed and thought important. Today, Chris is 37, and my best friend.   I heard him tell someone about the "Lock Moss Nesters" and also the one about the "ghost dog that gone and got his tail chopped off" --- I truly felt like a link on that long traditional chain. ---- You telling me about Morgan's telling of that tale made my month---maybe the whole year.