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Posted By: Stringsinger
08-Mar-08 - 02:15 PM
Thread Name: Is Streets Of London truly Pachelbels Canon???
Subject: RE: Is Streets Of London truly Pachelbels Canon???
Hi Art,

I believe that there are many tunes that follow this progression. "One Tin Soldier"
"Streets of London", even "Waltzing Mathilda" can be made to work. You could re-work
the Beatles' "Let It Be". "Here's a Song for All the Good People". Even the tune "The Black Flies" could be squeezed into this progression. The progression will work for any
dance tune (ala contra) that backs up a fiddler using just a major chord substitution.

Richard Dyer-Bennett used the progression for an into to "The Jolly Rogues of Lynn".
A lot of pop songs employ this progression-device as they used to for the ubiquitous
I, vi minor, ii minor and V7.

But what the heck, you knew all this anyhow.