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Posted By: Grab
10-Mar-08 - 09:17 AM
Thread Name: 3rd EasterMudFolk PeakDistrict:Come on!21-24 Mar
Subject: RE: 3rd EasterMudFolk PeakDistrict:Come on!21-24 Mar
Damn - didn't notice this when it first came up, else I would have put it in my diary. I'm seriously busy at the moment though - current commitments include practising with my band, looking for gigs for my band, mixing demos for my band and for another band, sound tech for a local singer-songwriter thing, publicity material and band-booking for a world music festival this summer, setting up websites for myself and for this festival, building foldback speakers, buying a house, and getting some hang-gliding in. Oh, and trying to spend a bit of time with Emma too. If you stuck a broom up my arse, I could probably sweep the floor as well. ;-/

So I'm afraid I won't make this one - I'll have to leave you to your sinning (and maybe even singing) this time. Any plans for another Stags meet in the summer?