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Posted By: Grab
11-Mar-08 - 08:57 AM
Thread Name: Complex arrangments of traditional music
Subject: RE: Complex arrangments of traditional music
I find the business of 'reading the dots' to be a baffling mystery.

Get yourself to a music teacher (or just read a book) and expand your mind, dude. :-)

"Simple" doesn't mean "bad" - there's lots of simple tunes and songs which are very satisfying to listen to. Your question seems to imply that the songs aren't simple because collectors wouldn't have bothered looking for simple songs. This misses the point that it's precisely *because* of their simplicity that they collected them - these people noticed that an entire class of music had been missed from formal musical study because its simplicity had kept it below the radar. Not only that, but it was a class of music which had provided grounding and inspiration for earlier composers, so it would give a new way of looking at their music.

As a new way of looking at existing classical music, it becomes clear why tunes would be so important, even more so than words. It's dead easy to write new words to old tunes or to move words from one tune to another, but the tunes themselves are often recycled as "quotes" in other tunes.