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Posted By: PeadarOfPortsmouth
13-Mar-08 - 12:02 PM
Thread Name: Children's St. Pat's Day songs
Subject: RE: Children's St. Pat's Day songs
"The Dunne Song" is always good for kids (or drunk college crowds) if you do the hand gestures to go with the chorus ... really gets them going.

Since I don't know if the hand gestures are available as a video online, I'll describe as best as possible. Motion happens at word in CAPS.

"For there was HIGH Dunne" - point up w/ both hands

"and LOW Dunne" - point down w/ both hands

"OVER Dunne" - tough describe: kinda "scoop" air with both hands at shoulder height...kinda like they're rolling on a 50 gallon drum

"and UNDER Dunne" - "slide" the hands (palm down) under your imaginary 50 gallon drum

"All the little younger Dunnes" - which every syllable, alternate both hands like you're patting kids on the head

"Who were IN" - point out towards crowd with one hand for 'in'

"And OUT the run" - @ the word 'out' pull hand back with your thumb you were calling someone 'out' in baseball

"There was OLD Dunne, YOUNG Dunne, YOUNGER Dunne's YOUNGEST son" - start with your right hand at eye-level with 'old', and for each alternating age, alternate left/right hand lower than the they're moving down rungs on a ladder

"YOUNG Dunne will be OLDER Dunne when the OLDEST Dunne..." - use alternating hands to 'climb up the ladder'

" DONE." - move the thumb across the neck, like you're signaling 'dead'

Okay, better get back to work now...good luck!