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Posted By: Peace
17-Mar-08 - 02:07 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Senzenina
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Senzenina
'"Not only were songs with more militant lyrics composed from the 1950s onwards, but some old songs also underwent changes to reflect the mood of the people. The song Senzenina? (What have we done?), was heard throughout the liberation struggle in many versions. This is an example of a song that fulfilled the function of asserting cultural unity and assisting in societal integration, and at the same time critiquing key socio-political issues. Translated excerpts of some of the versions of Senzenina read as follows:

What have we done?
Our sin is that we are black.
Oh UDF we love you.
The Boers are dogs
They will die dogs
Farewell our beloved hero
Let Africa return'