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Posted By: John on the Sunset Coast
17-Mar-08 - 03:23 PM
Thread Name: Susan Reed - Available Recordings
Subject: RE: Help: Susan Reed lp
I have what ya' call a guilty pleasure. Specifically, I read old, old comic books. Mostly I read them for stamp collecting ads that were prevalent in comic books of the '40s and '50s, printing the ads to show at the local stamp club.

But today I was surprised to find Susan Reed in a Wonder Woman comic book from 1951! No Lie! Therein I found a feature called 'In The Groove', containing brief profiles on four young musicians of the day.

"Tiny Susan Reed wanted a night club act so she learned to play the zither, an almost extinct instrument, then dug up some ancient folk songs. Now she's such a sensation that there's a run on zithers. There's a big demand" A drawing of a girl playing a zither accompanies that text.

I'd bet (not very much, tho') that she's the only folk singer to be featured as herself in such medium.