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18-Mar-08 - 07:49 AM
Thread Name: Mangled Lyrics Spelchecked!
Subject: RE: Mangled Lyrics Spelchecked!
OLD THINLY COW. Harry Wainscot in 1893.

Of the friends and I in a hotel.
Dominoes have played a night.
Like in the sector a man of firemen has come.
Maidens face very Ikea dear tiger the blank.
"What in top?" said Bruin has you "a spirit?"
Given. You have "your aunt Mariah?" given.
"OH - my aunt of Marriage bums melt," called him.
"The bleeding publications on fires".

"OH -," said, brunette, which a little chance.
Each I follow.
He is not down to the cellar such as fire there.
Then we have large old Spree.
Thus we have down gone with order old Bruin everyone.
And Schnapps which we could not missing.
And we had not been there 10 minutes or.
Until we are completely thus.

OH -, was there brown, the maggots square.
The lower part issue of the whiskies on the floor.
The men of firemen "drink Schnapps," have cried.
As its knock in to the door to come.
Do not leave you probably within.
` To MEMBER STATES, until he issue completely.
The someone has cried, of "MacIntyre".
And we everything the Paralytic drinkable
receives blue blind person.
Such as old thinly the cow fire verging.

Then Smith ran more rubber to Port whine spanner.
And correctly some have given meeting him rapidly.
He is start its trousers eliminate.
Shoes also its and socks.
"OH - No," so-called, brown, that granted your ain t.
They cannot do that there.
Your Hoof in Port wine one does not wash themselves.
Such as we beer of Guinness have received.

Then come powerful demolition.
Half of the bloody sectors within have undermined.
And we were drownded by the tube of people of firemen.
But we were still all homosexuals.
Thus we encase even objectives.
Have received book and some old wet pockets.
And we have packed our to the interior.
And we bleary were examined there, of drunken maintaining put.
The cow fire such as old thin verging.