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Posted By: Ebbie
17-May-00 - 12:31 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: The Strawberry Roan- in Amish
Subject: The Strawberry Roan- in Amish
A literal translation, sung to the tune of the Strawberry Roan

  Der Abbara Gall			The Other Horse

Dat drunna in de galls' korrel Down in the horse corral
Dat vor er g'stunna there he was standing
Sy schwantz ere vor hinna his tail in the back
Sy kopf ere funna his head in the front
Mit sy kopf in de hey with his head up high
Und sy schwantz hinna draus and his tail straight out
Ich hop ihn g'gukt I looked at him
Und bin schprunna fas haus and ran for the house

Ich hop glangt fa der zahm I reached for the bridle
Und no fa der saddle and then for the saddle
Ich hop g'saht ich raight ihn I said I would ride him
fa un dalla un a faddle for a dollar and a quarter
Ich hop un gonny sack grigt I got a gunny sack
Un sy auwa zu g'bunna and tied it around his eyes
Hop der saddle druff g'schlapt then I slapped on the saddle
Un my finga uff g'shunna skinning my finger

Ich hop my fus in der stirrup I put my foot in the stirrup
Und bin druff g'chumpt and on him I jumped
Hop der blint ap g'tzauwa I pulled off his blind
Ich hop g'vist vas necht kumpt wondering what would come next
Ich hop ihn g'kicked I kicked his side
Un in de hey sin mir g'flauwa and into the air we flew
Hop my auwa zu g'drickt I pressed my eyes tight shut
Und hop hodda g'zuawa and pulled hard

Ere haut mich nunna g'bucked He bucked me off straight down
Grauht nunna uff der kopf right on my head
Ich hop g'glaubt ich gey veida I believed I would go farther
Ava dat hop ich g'schopt but there I stopped dead
Ich vor im drecht I was in filth
biss nuff un de gnee up to my knees
Ava smencht da fon wa jusht though most of it was just
So gele misht bree. Very yellow manure juice