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20-Mar-08 - 11:15 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Shir HaEmek - The Valley Song (Heb)
Subject: Lyr Add: Shir HaEmek - The Valley Song (Heb)
One of the classic Israeli songs. Surprised it hasn't made it's way to Mudcat before.
In the mid 1930s, a propoganda film called "LeChaim Chadashim" was made about pioneering Israel. A song was needed, so they asked the poet and lyricist Nathan Alterman to write the lyrics. The music was composed by Daniel Sambursky, a recent immigrant from Germany. He was one of the first to realise the danger posed by the Nazis.
The song Alterman and Sambursky came up with was called Shir HaEmek, the Valley Song. Sambursky performed the song along with members of Kibbutz Givat Brenner.
The valley is the Jezreel. Beit Alfa and Nahalal are settlements in the valley.
The original 'clip' can be watched here. It starts at around 4:20. The earlier bit is a different song by Sambursky. He was featured in an old Israeli TV prog.

Here is a more recent performance, though I was surprised to find that the singers were really Israeli.

שיר ×"עמק   
מילי×쳌: נתן ×쳌לתרמן
לחן: ×"× ×™×쳌ל סמ×'ורסקי

×'×쳌×" מנוח×" לי×'×¢
ומר×'וע לעמל.
ליל×" חיוור משתרע
על ש×"ות עמק יזרע×쳌ל.
טל מלמט×" ול×'× ×" מעל,
מ×'ית ×쳌לפ×쳌 ×¢×" × ×"לל.

מ×", מ×" ליל×" מליל?
×"ממ×" ×'יזרע×쳌ל.
נומ×" עמק, ×쳌רץ תפ×쳌רת
×쳌נו לך משמרת.

×™×쳌 ×"×"×'ן מתנועע,
שיר ×"×¢×"ר מצלצל,
זו×"×™ ×쳌רצי וש×"ותי×",
×–×"ו עמק יזרע×쳌ל.
ת×'ורך ×쳌רצי ות×"ולל
מ×'ית ×쳌לפ×쳌 ×¢×" × ×"לל.

מ×", מ×"...

×쳌ופל ×'×"ר ×"×'ל×'וע,
סוס ×"ו×"ר מצל ×쳌ל צל.
קול זעק×" ×¢×£ ×'×'ו×",
מש×"ות עמק יזרע×쳌ל.
מי יר×" ומי ×–×" ש×쳌 נפל
×'ין ×'ית ×쳌לפ×쳌 ונ×"לל?

מ×", מ×"...

Shir HaEmek

Ba'a m'nucha layage'a
umargo'a la'amel.
laila chiver mistare'a
al sdot emek Izra'el.
tal milmata ulevena ma'al
miBeit Alfa ad Nahalal.

Ma, ma laila mileil?
demama beIzra'el.
numa emek, eretz tif'eret
anu lecha mishemeret.

Yam hadagan mitnoe'a,
shir ha'eder metzaltzel,
zohi artzi usdoteha,
zehu Emek Izrae'l.
Tevorach artzi uteholal
miBeit Alfa ad Nahalal.


Ofel beHar haGilbo'a,
sus doher mitzel el tzel.
kol ze'aka af gavoha,
misdot Emek Izrae'l.
mi yara umi ze sham nafal
bein Beit Alfa uNahalal?


The Valley Song

Rest has come to the weary
and calm to the toiler.
A pale night unfolds
over the fields of the Jezreel Valley.
Dew below and a moon above
from Beit Alfa to Nahalal.

What, what from night to night?
Silence in the Jezreel.
Slumber valley, wondrous land,
we are your guard.

The sea of grain sways,
the song of the herd rings out,
this is my land and her fields,
this is the Jezreel Valley.
Blessed be my land and gloried
from Beit Alfa to Nahalal.


Gloom on Mount Gilboa,
a horse gallops from shade to shade.
A cry rises high,
from the fields of the Jezreel Valley.
Who fired and who fell
between Beit Alfa and Nahalal?