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Posted By: Amos
25-Mar-08 - 10:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: Bush Administration: Aftermaths
Subject: RE: BS: Bush Administration: Aftermaths
"...Conyers told the crowd there is one scenario that could trigger immediate impeachment proceedings against the president: "If Bush goes into Iran he should be impeached," Conyers said, noting that "many members of Congress" have signed their names to a letter warning Bush not to invade Iran.

The fifth annual Take Back America Conference includes forums that allow liberals to discuss important issues, including how to recover from the "ashes of this conservative era," as the Web site put it.

Conyers is one of the Bush administration's chief antagonists in Congress, opposing the president on almost every issue, including the Iraq war, health care, terrorist surveillance, and other issues.

Just last week, his Judiciary Committee took the rare step of filing a civil lawsuit against former White House aides Joshua Bolten and Harriet Miers for failing to obey a committee subpoena. Conyers wants to force the two to testify about the firings of nine federal prosecutors in 2006.

The House cited Bolten and Miers for contempt of Congress last month."

No, you're right, Eb, it ain't over yet. But just like George Marshall we need to think about the plan for repairing the destruction of the Neocon's war on America, as well as defusing the radical Muslim's war on AMerica and the radical Christian right's war on America. All these arrogant and fanatic "believers" have wrought harm that needs undoing.