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Posted By: Barry Finn
25-Mar-08 - 04:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bush Administration: Aftermaths
Subject: RE: BS: Bush Administration: Aftermaths
Bobert, McCain will not clean up if he's elected. He's gonna keep at the war, no change here. A clean up has to be based on an end to the was, phsyiologically & economically, this can't begin to happen until the war's ended. The "Clean Up" will also won't happen unless our Vets are properly cared for & I don't see any of this happening aanytime soon. The youth will never trust this government again just as the youth of the 60's, we still don't trust or have faith. They still haven't taken care of the Vets from Viet Nam. My singing partner only recently (past few yrs) was diagnosed PTS disorder, finally he may start to recieve some diability. My brother will never be what he once was & they won't help him either. So as far as the vets are concerned we'll be taking bad care of them for their lifetime & paying the costs that will follow. This government can't clean itself up after a natural disaster where every one can agree to, never mind on the havoc that's rained down on us these past 8 yrs. A start would be a repeal of all of the Patriot Act & to restore all of our rights & liberties. A dismemberment of media monolopies, make poliicans divest in anything that puts them within the confins of conflicts of interests. Rehab the electorial system & do away with the college & speaking of colleges, we need a national education & a national health system, SS also needs a revamp as well as medicare & medicade. But I believe the first move should be a clean up of those that put US in our present day position. Those that knowingly sent US into war should be held accountable & tried in a world court (as soon as we join it). The companies that are found to have profitted illegally or stole/cheated need to reimburse the nation & their officers need to also stand trail in crimminal courts. We need a nation that apologizes to the world for it's conduct & we need the world back on our side, no matter what it takes. We need them to live with us, they no longer need US we need them. It seems to me that every department in our government is broken, from defense to energy, from the state dept to agri. They're top heavy & should be run more like a business. The enviorment needs a tremdous amount of TLC & money & "Homeland Security" needs to be buried along with all other 'Cold War' agencies. The pent-a-gone needs so much rehab it should be torn down & rebuilt from scratch. The qualifications to run for any public office should start with an IQ of over 100 (that would've left out both Bushes) & a lie detector test, have you ever commited a felony? Have you ever cheated on your taxes? Have you ever deserted? Rehash campain financing. Restore checks & balances.   
This could've all been accomplished slowly over the last 8yrs by the decider but because he wasn't up for the job & hit a few bumps on the road home it'll take the next at least 4 adminstrations more & the time & effort to come close to getting us back to sq 1 never mind trying to put US in front of where we where 8 yrs ago. Good luck to US all.