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Posted By: Stewie
28-Mar-08 - 11:18 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: When the Boys Are on Parade (M Turner)
Subject: Lyr Add: WHEN THE BOYS ARE ON PARADE (M Turner)
Here's a fine song by New Zealander, Marcus Turner.

(Marcus Turner)

Here they come marching past the houses, shiny boots and khaki blouses
Stiff as the creases in their trousers, standing tall and straight and strong
And they all keep in step together, glint of steel and flash of leather
Braving every kind of weather as they boldly march along
You may dismiss it as a ploy for the enlistment of the boys
Who'll be impressed to see the toys and play the games that can be played

And you may well prefer abstention but I feel compelled to mention
You'd do well to pay attention when the boys are on parade.

Look at your sons before they're older they'll be stronger, they'll be bolder
Just the thing to make a soldier and we'll turn them into men
And they'll be taught to follow orders, keep the peace and guard the borders
To protect us from marauders and defend us to the end.
But the position they'll be filling is to be able and be willing
To be killed or do the killing when there's a price that must be paid


In the pursuit of a community of decency and unity
And equal opportunity, we stand prepared to fight
And if there's a threat to our position from aggressive opposition
Then, with guns and ammunition, we'll repel with all our might.
We'll dehumanise and hate them, send in the troops to decimate them
As in the name of the nation all it stands for is betrayed


Merely the whim or intuition of an elected politician
Makes a melee without conditions as the monster quits the cage
It's a machine that knows no quarter, dealing death and sowing slaughter
Raping mothers, wives and daughters in an all-consuming rage
We may well decide we need it and we'll pay to arm and feed it
Can you tell me who will lead it when a decision must be made?


Instrumental break

Some will wonder what's to fear and say there is no danger here
But there has never been a year when soldiers haven't been at war
And the eternal executions and the bloody revolutions
And the ultimate solutions, too, have all been seen before.
And there's always someone scheming and some nights when I am dreaming
In the distance, I hear screaming and in my heart I feel afraid


Here they come marching past the houses, shiny boots and khaki blouses
Stiff as the creases in their trousers, standing tall and straight and strong
And is it any cause for pride that now the women march beside them
Will they have wiser gods to guide them in discerning right from wrong?
'Cause every step is a reminder of the threat that lies behind
If we forget the ties that bind us when the decisive game is played


And as the procession passes by, consider the sight before your eyes
'Cause it'll be you they'll kill and die for when called to the crusade
And you may love them and adore them, you may hate them and abhor them
But, for God's sake don't ignore them, when the boys are on parade

Source: Booklet accompanying Michael Black 'Michael Black' Compass Records