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29-Mar-08 - 05:51 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Admiral Benbow
Subject: Lyr Add: Admiral Benbow (from Bodleian)
Malcolm linked a copy in the Bodleian Library which essentially is the one by Tabor, but differs in details. Fayall is not mentioned as a destination.

(Printed for W. Armstrong, Liverpool, 1820-1824)

O we sail'd to Virginia, and thence to New York,
Where we water'd our shipping and so weigh'd for Cork,
Full in view on the seas, seven sail we did spy,
O we manned our capstern and weigh'd speedily.
The first two we came up with were brigantine sloops,
We ask'd were those five others as big as they look'd,
But turning to windward as near as we could lie,
We found them Frenchmen of war cruising hard by.
We took our leave of them, and made quick dispatch,
And we steer'd our course to the island of Vache,
But turning to windward, as near as we could lie,
On the fourteenth of August ten sail we did spy.
They hoisted their pendants, their colours they spread,
And they hoisted their bloody flag on main top-mast-head,
Then we hoisted the Jack flag at our mizen peak,
And soon formed the line, tho' our squadron was weak.
The very next morning, the engagement was hot,
When brave Admiral Benbow, receiv'd a chain shot,
O when he was wounded to his men he did say,
Take me up in your arms, boys, and bear me away.
O the guns they did rattle, and the bullets did fly,
While brave Admiral Benbow for help loud did cry,
Tp the cockpit convey me and soon ease my smart,
Should my brave fellows see me, 'twould soon break their heart.
And there Captain Kirby prov'd coward at last,
And with Wade play'd at bopeep behind the main mast,
O there did they stand and quiver and shake,
Lest those French dogs should conquer and their lives they
   should take.
The very next morning, at break of the day,
We hoisted our topsails and so bore away,
We bore to Port Royal where the people flock'd much,
To see Admiral Benbow brought to Kingston church.
Come all you brave fellows wherever you've been,
Let us drink a health to great George and his Queen,
And another good health to the girls that we know,
And a third in remembrance of Admiral Benbow.

Harding B28(261), 1820-1824, Printed for W. Armstrong, Bannastre Steeet (Liverpool).
Bodleian Library.