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Posted By: Barry Finn
30-Mar-08 - 01:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Global Rice Crisis
Subject: RE: BS: Global Rice Crisis
Careful Amos & Ring, they may start killing us off by evaluating which of us spends the least. That would save US from going to war again.

So does that mean war is a 2 headed hydra? It gets rid of a sizable population while when focused on war it also spends to kill & hence it wastes the resources & money it takes to grow & raise food?

It's been an issue that's been in the forefront for quite some time. The fishing industries have been at a tug-of-war with the same for ages now & no one wants to see a soultion. Tell the fisherman to except a limit in size & amount & it raises hell, tell the people that there's no more fish & that raises hell, tell them that there's only so much available & that the costs just went through the roof & that raises hell. To bad no one wanted to listen or do something half a century ago, now when it'll take another half century to figure out what to do & then another half century to implement a plan, it'll take another half century for the plan to fulfill the plans intent. I have no doubt that the US won't turn to the code of the survival of the fittest & invade other weaker nations for their water & resources.
I wonder what that'll do to Canadian-Americian water boundery relations? The next 150 yrs may be more of an experiment in DIY survival. Each family scrapping it out on their own.
The time to start was yesterday, this same day as when we should've been dealing with the passive (pun) enegry criss & the hot climate issue & the air & water polution, the spieces extinction (US).
Well there's the doom & gloom side of it. Now here's the up side. Collect rain water, grow your own fruits & veggies, rasie your own livestock & keep everyone else out of your garden. Or find a secluded you can fish & farm from.

I had friends, a couple (I'd say elderly but I'm now the age they were when I first knew them), now both long gone. Patty Longley & Van Hope, both well seasoned & greatly respected sailors from the Pacific North West. Both spent alot of time, actually each a lifetime, building boats & sailing the waters from the Northwest, up to Alaska down south along the west coast & out to Hawaii. They built up a relationship with many folks & friends that they could trade provisions with within that triangle, they also searched for locations where they'd be able to hunt, forage & find wild food stuffs if ever needed (they had the fishing part down). They belived that some day it may all prove useful if the times got tough. They were a bit ahead of their time.