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Posted By: wysiwyg
30-Mar-08 - 07:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: Lord Stanley's Cup
Subject: RE: BS: Lord Stanley's Cup
It has been the tradition at Mudcat to encourage one another in one's encouragement of their teams, unlike the "trash talk" so common at umptyzillion other hockey discussion boards. Pseudolus began that tradition last year:
Subject: RE: BS: Hockey's back...Are ya happy about it?
From: Pseudolus - PM
Date: 05 Oct 05 - 01:16 PM

OK Jack I have an idea...a small money, just pride. I like my Flyers and you like your Senators. The bet is this, whoever's team goes furthur wins the bet. The loser has to re-open this thread sometime next Spring and enter a post singing the praises of the winner's team. Aine seems pretty proud of her Stars, she may want in also. Just for fun, and bragging rights! whatdaya think?

Go Flyers,

And it has continued this year, with discussions already underway.

This is a fine thread for discussing the history of the Cup, as most of the posts seem to cover, but I'd like to refer continuing conversation on this year's playoffs back to the Ice Hockey 2007-08 thread. It and Pseudolus' first hockey thread (CLICK) have quite a few useful links in them.