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Posted By: Uncle_DaveO
18-May-00 - 06:10 PM
Thread Name: A Kinder, Gentler Place
Subject: RE: A Kinder, Gentler Place
I'm happy that we haven't had (on nights I was there) any trolls and flamers at the HearMe sessions. But if we do, you should know that, while there's no way to expel such a nogoodnik, it is possible to make him/her invisible and inaudible. I ran across that information at HearMe.Com, in a FAQ, as I recall. Each participant has to make the decision and take the action for himself/herself, but once one decides to make Mr.Troll disappear, sounds and text from that person don't show up on your own computer.

Let's hope we never have to use this facility.

Dave Oesterreich