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Posted By: Grab
31-Mar-08 - 09:17 AM
Thread Name: Our ghastly folk tradition
Subject: RE: Our ghastly folk tradition
Fair enough, Dave - you like him, I don't. From the same programme, Parris liked a programme about bebop, but to me bebop sounds like a 4-year-old hitting notes at random. I'm also a bit of an Iron Maiden fan, which I suspect most acoustic purists wouldn't enjoy at all. And my closest friend (fellow guitarist) hates Kate Bush with a passion, where I find her voice and songwriting spellbinding. Fair do's.

But the thread subject seems to be that we're only allowed to say what we *do* like, and not what we *don't*. "Pick of the Week" is a purely subjective review of the previous week's content from one person's view. You might as well write accusing emails to "Desert Island Discs" because the person on the last edition didn't choose any folk music.

As for the "thought experiment", that does indeed work both ways. If someone was to say "thank goodness Western musical traditions progressed African-American music from primitive field hollers to the blues and jazz we know today", would that be offensive? If you happen to like field hollers, maybe you'd think so. For the rest of us who happen to like what we know as blues and jazz today, probably not.