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Posted By: Richard Bridge
31-Mar-08 - 07:05 PM
Thread Name: Our ghastly folk tradition
Subject: RE: Our ghastly folk tradition
There you go again.

What, stupid clothes, unlike any rock/mobo/penguincladclassical musicians?
What, drink and drugs, unlike (ditto)?

"No wonder the DCMS has seemingly limitless millions to spend on the Olympics. Tessa Jowell is unaware that there's anything of value worthy of funding in the tradarts because the mainstream media tells her it's all a joke anyway. And that's what Joe (and Joanna) Public largely believe too."
Yes indeed. And what is worth funding is not slick meaningless professionalism like (say) Charlie Pride.

If you really believe it's all about entertaiment values then you have over dunnamany years learned even less than the stupid and bigoted Parris.

"'Meanwhile, the REAL musicians, the invisible ones that persons lost in Missouri (or even downtown Mitcham) don't believe exist are just getting on with playing, in sessions in people's houses, outside in rain and hail for Morris or in pubs without poncy tea lights on the tables, as they have always done for decades. Maybe even next door to you or across the street."

But that can't be meritorious can it C*ntess? Because then they aren't slick professional (empty, bland, insincere) entertainers.

It isn't about prostitution, about doing it for the money.

If anyone gave any credit to your bitter and twisted rantings you might be quite dangerous to the song and music you claim to value.

Back under the stone!