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Posted By: The Borchester Echo
01-Apr-08 - 07:10 AM
Thread Name: Our ghastly folk tradition
Subject: RE: Our ghastly folk tradition
Sabotage eh?

Well, I might (indeed do) use my clogs to kick the GEFFs who wouldn't recognise their own heritage if it bit them on the backside.
In their contempt for the tradarts and preference for bland, close-to-mainstream singalong (out of tune natch) crap, they show as little respect as Mr Parris and, indeed, the public at large, do.
English (not Scottish Irish or Welsh) schoolchildren have been bludgeoned for a couple of generations into despising their cultural heritage and embracing the musical equivalent of McRubbish, the soundtrack of global capitalism.
Those who do understand (to be found among the listings provided by the programmer of Ambridge via Loughborough which I have no intention of wasting bandwidth by repeating) regard it as their mission to reverse this.
And they are.
In spite of the sneering wilful amateurism of the GEFFs who continue to alienate the 'normal' population by inflicting their racket (oops, almost called it caterwauling) inappropriately.
Then get offended when they are laughed at.