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02-Apr-08 - 02:34 AM
Thread Name: Our ghastly folk tradition
Subject: RE: Our ghastly folk tradition
Richard Bridge kindly invites me to:
Feel free to criticise what is not well done.

I do. As Dave Polshaw puts it very graphically:
Don't go on unless properly rehearsed and thus unlikely to screw it up.

This is what "being professional" means, whether ot not you're being paid for it.
Not to bother is to disrespect the music. That's what GEFFs do.
They are being wilfully ignorant, whereas pundits like Mr Parris are doing it to raise a laugh which usually works because the general public are conditioned to regard tradarts thus.

The way forward to reverse this is not to get all offended because someone from without the clique is saying what is all too often true. It is to:

(1) ensure that every public performance is of the highest quality and to financially accordingly

(2) lobby for the tradarts, including education projects, to be properly funded

(3) tighten up organisation, as in comparable countries, to a considerably less ramshackle level.