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Posted By: GUEST,Murphy
02-Apr-08 - 08:48 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Joe Muggins and Sweet Sally
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Jo Muggins and Sweet Sally
I remember one called "Joe Muggins' Ass".

Joe Muggins went out to his little back yard to get his poor donkey some grass
Then out of his pocket a currycomb took and then began scratching his ass.

Now, "what must I do" joe muggins cried he, "the Cork exhibition to pass?
She's a beautiful sight so I think its all right if I go there and show them my ass.

At the Cork exhibition the very next day the judge thougth joe's entry "first class"
He went away in a flash and came back with a sash and he scratched number one on his ass.

In Cork city that night there were celebrations galore and a terrible thing came to pass
A butcher called Ward got as drunk as a lord and cut a big slice off his ass

Now the very next day the poor donkey died an an even worse thing came to pass
Joe cursed and he swore and he ripped and he tore 'til he tore all the hair off his ass.

Joe muggins went out with curry and stout to pickle it all in a mass
He pickled his head, he pickled his tail, he pickled the whole of his ass

Don't pickle his head, dont pickle his tail but pickle it all in a mass
For when you get home you can cook your ass whole and serve up the whole of your ass.

O K, that's not the one you wanted!