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02-Apr-08 - 09:02 AM
Thread Name: Our ghastly folk tradition
Subject: RE: Our ghastly folk tradition
As someone who can't sing, can't play an instrument and has enough of an awareness of his own limitations to avoid trying to do either in public, I don't really understand why some posters are so insistent about the necessity of the 'folk scene' being a participatory scene. Surely I am not alone in just wanting to listen, enjoy, hold opinions, discuss, etc? Does this somehow make me (and my ilk) 'less worthy'? Not at all. For those who want to participate, great, go for it. But for those of us that just want to enjoy listening to good quality music played and sung well, excuse us if we are a bit choosy how whe spend our hard earned cash.

I've been listening to a lot of recordings of Scandinavian traditional music recently and those musicians aren't scared to do what they do incredibly well. Neither are the artists Ruth listed further up the thread. Neither are people like Tom and the best of the folk club players. Of course there is room also for those with more enthusiasm than talent as well as talented amateurs, but to denigrate the professional and want-to-be professional singers and players of traditional and/or folk music as some on this thread have done serves no positive purpose. In fact its downright embarrassing.

Which kind of links back into the thread topic. I don't know how widely Mudcat is read, but I suspect some of the views espoused on here are far more damaging to folk's 'image' (whatever that is - I wouldn't know because I've never called myself a folkie...) than some off the cuff comment by a right wing commentator who has made a name for himself by being a bit of a smug smartarse. Granted he could have chosen some truly rubbish folk music (and as with any genre of music, there's plenty of it) to illustrate his point, rather than a decent bit of Irish singing, but the sky won't fall. I think Tom's response has some merits though, if he is trying to use any negative mention of folk in the media to push a more positive agenda. Not sure the 'Outraged of Basildon' approach some here seem to be taking is any use, though, especially when topped off with a side order of homophobia.

Finally, I'd urge everyone to re-read Captain Ginger's excellent post of 4.40 am.