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Posted By: Banjiman
02-Apr-08 - 01:34 PM
Thread Name: Our ghastly folk tradition
Subject: RE: Our ghastly folk tradition
Nigel, Ruth,

Thank you for your constructive remarks about the EFDSS and the differentiation of Folk Arts England as the main lobbying organisation. I may be completely wrong (and possibly have some prejudice) but my image of the EFDSS is that it is a bit cucumber sandwiches and more tea vicar.

But I think I better go have a look at websites etc if things are changing.....does the EFDSS have a MySpace page.....I ask for 2 reasons.

1/ I'd really like to have a look and listen to how they represent themselves and

2/If not, why not?

Richard Bridge,

"No, no hypocrisy. Open Mics aren't about folk music, they are about rock and roll, and mobo and all sorts of other stuff, but not about folk music because folk isn't seen as "cool" by stupid pundits or knuckle-dragging hoodies whereas the element of anti-social behaviour in (etc etc) enables the callow to believe they are rejecting their parents' values or the oppressions of society."

Maybe where you live, plenty of folk (including trad) music at open mics around here...and well accepted when well performed .......