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03-Apr-08 - 06:32 AM
Thread Name: Our ghastly folk tradition
Subject: RE: Our ghastly folk tradition
The Snail person, in common with Richard Bridge, can have not the faintest notion what I "despise" or what I do not. They do not know me.

My definition of "professional" in this context is as Nigel has said above: "doing what you do as well as you can (and practising in private before practising in public!)"
And this applies equally when your audience consists only of a stuffed fish, but then you wonder why.

Had the organiser publicised the event and made sufficient effort to attract punters (especially from without the "f*lkie" (yuk) clique?).

Possibly (probably) not.

A Well-Known (F*lk) Performer of my acquaintance once arrived an hour early at a failing venue in order to plaster the pub with posters because I had related to him my experience of the previous week. I'd questioned both barstaff and customers who all denied any knowledge of live music at the venue. Assuming I'd got the wrong place, I stepped out into the street where, by chance, the guest artist was just arriving. He too is an international name yet attendance numbered 9. And the following week, despite postering efforts, there were 8.

Since this "organiser" had failed to inform even the pub's staff and customers (hire of the room was apparently a private and secret pact between him and the landlord), it goes without saying that no publicity work had occurred in the local community. This organiser was an "amateur" but his MO was "amateurish" and truly "unprofessional".

This is clearly NOT the best shop window for a music whose reputation you are (presumably?) seeking to extol and widen.