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Posted By: GUEST,Tom Bliss
03-Apr-08 - 07:28 AM
Thread Name: Our ghastly folk tradition
Subject: RE: Our ghastly folk tradition
"Found"? That sounds like the same logic that let the EFDSS claim the copyright of material they had collected."

Not at all - no way!

But the process by which collected or other obscure works (along with newly written works) become known to the wider public usually involves some kind of business activity - by publishers, booksellers, record companies, distributors, transcribers, artists, arrangers, producers, studio engineers, and so on.

That's why I call the folk world a machine, not a cake. ALL the cogs, of whatever size, are equally important - professional musicians, floor singers, club organisers, publicists, magazine editors, you name it.

Take one out and the machine will not turn.

It is a symbiotic ecosystem, and people who inhabit each cog (bother I knew this metaphor would fall over) should recognise the interdependence of every element, instead of - as too often happens, and has been happening yet again in this thread - championing the part they like and denigrating the others - and making twits of themselves (and, by association), the rest of us in the process.