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Posted By: GUEST,Tom Bliss
03-Apr-08 - 12:51 PM
Thread Name: Our ghastly folk tradition
Subject: RE: Our ghastly folk tradition
"It could be that you aren't looking down into the valleys and seeing the teeming masses toiling away down there."

First of all I'm not 'up' anywhere. I'm toiling in the valleys like everyone else - that's my point. But I have seen the landscape, and so recognise and value the contributions made by all sorts of people in all sorts of roles, paid and unpaid, major and minor.

If I didn't would I have started the FCO forum? Or written the Club Tips booklet? (Or RadioBritfolk). Would I risk the wrath of The Countess to defend GEFFism on numerous occasions? Would I habitually go to singarounds and sessions at festivals and around here on a regular basis? Bryan; professionals understand the amateur scene perfectly well. We're human beings too, we love music too, we started as amateurs and in some situations we're still amateurs (like me joining in with McGoldrick and Edey in a session in Cleethorpes!), and we're happy to be as much part of it as you are.

And of course professional is the wrong word to be using, because it's not as simple as pro and am (but one can't constantly type a list, and I was responding to your use of the word). As you say, plenty of experts are not pro, and plenty of pros are not expert. I myself have NEVER suggested that professionals are the folk world and the rest are just hangers on - in fact throughout this tread (once we stopped talking about Parris) I've been saying the exact opposite!

"Many clubs never book guests." There, I've said it again - because it's true. I'm not saying they should - is that what you think? I absolutely don't! (Why on earth should they)?

It seems to me you have a knack for taking umbrage where none is offered.

If I make it to Lewes (assuming I can face the conflict :-)) perhaps we'll have a beer and sort it out.

Meanwhile if you could just take my point about repertoire (including trad and influences for new writing) on board, we can get our of these good people's hair.