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Posted By: GUEST,TB
03-Apr-08 - 01:04 PM
Thread Name: Our ghastly folk tradition
Subject: RE: Our ghastly folk tradition
"Are you saying that if a professional has ever recorded a version of a traditional song that we are forever in their debt if we perform it?"

Heavens above, Brian - what are you on?!

No!! But if someone has been influenced by a version (and who hasn't?) then they should recognise that influence - specially if they are 'doing' say, the Carthy version, because that's the only version they've ever heard.

Recordings and concerts by professionals are a major influence on the styles adopted by those who subsequently sing those songs. The number of people who work from books (published by professionals, don't forget) is tiny (and they're influenced by things like singing styles too) - and the number who have their own private source is infinitesimal.

I'm talking about the scene as a whole, remember.

There are plenty of clubs where 90% of the material you hear was written by a pro (or a semi-pro - who are pros for the purpose of this argument). In fact I'd hazard that 70-80% of the material I hear in clubs of both trad and mod hue across the land is directly attributable to a 'festival main stage' performer.

It's not a problem. Its a good thing. I just want you to recognise that - and not suggest it's only icing on a cake.