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Posted By: TheSnail
04-Apr-08 - 05:30 AM
Thread Name: Our ghastly folk tradition
Subject: RE: Our ghastly folk tradition
Tom Bliss

"Are you saying that if a professional has ever recorded a version of a traditional song that we are forever in their debt if we perform it?"

Heavens above, Brian - what are you on?!

Then what are you saying Tom? I honestly don't get it. You seem to be claiming some sort of special status for professional folk performers which I don't acknowledge.

Fitzgerald: Professional folk singers are different from us.
Hemingway: Yes, they've got more money.

In fact I'd hazard that 70-80% of the material I hear in clubs of both trad and mod hue across the land is directly attributable to a 'festival main stage' performer.

I think you are in for a surprise when you come to us. My experience is that most people take their influences from the tradition either by direct contact or from recordings of the original. I am not doing down professionals or denying their influence. We book a great many of them and you must know about our workshop series. (Next Martin Carthy 19th April, workshop sold out, evening nearly so. Don't turn up without a ticket.) What we don't do is fill our floorspots with superstar imitators. Believe me, nobody would mistake our version of Tower of Refuge for yours; apart from anything else, Suzanne is an alto.

Looking forward to that beer.

That attitude does FAR more damage to the scene than a few tie die tee shirts and swirly 'folk trousers.'