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Posted By: Emma B
04-Apr-08 - 02:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Shannon found- alive!
Subject: RE: BS: Shannon found- alive!
Guest, not only are you anonymous but you are as uncouth as you are ill informed and bigoted.

' While between 10 and 15 per cent of Moorside's working-age population lives on sickness benefit, most of its families contain a worker.

The problem is pay, which is often around the minimum wage.'

in addition ...

'Moorside is no longer an exclusively council-owned estate. You can tell the privately owned houses by their new grey roofs. A basic house with three bedrooms costs about £90,000, while one that's been modernised and had an extension put in is nearer the £120,000 mark'

Lynsey Hanley, author of a study of council housing, Estates: An Intimate History, states....

"The real problem is segregation - the farming out of the poorest families to estates on the outskirts of towns, often badly served by transport and shops. The 'right to buy' scheme of the Eighties removed many of the more affluent families in council areas as they sold up and moved on.

''Council estates became places of last resort for people who had failed to keep up. They have been given this label of the 'underclass'. They are treated as worthless and begin to act like worthless people, so you get domestic violence, alcohol abuse and family breakdown.

"It was a shock to the media that Shannon's step-father worked. In fact, most people on these estates work; it's just that they are very badly paid. The idea that people choose to live these lives, choose to live on benefits and would in any circumstances, is ridiculous. Of course they would change their lives if they could."

The above is quoted from The Telegraph not usually known for 'left-wing' sentiments.