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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
04-Apr-08 - 06:54 PM
Thread Name: Our ghastly folk tradition
Subject: RE: Our ghastly folk tradition
'You could update the incidentals and the honesty and keep the instrumentation acoustic but it would split the 'community' down the middle as to whether it was 'folk'. The idea of a musical Eden of indigenous ballardeers just doesn't hold water so where do you draw the line and who's going to volunteer with the chalk?'

abso-sodding-lutely !

the guitar techniques series of dvds is now down to £9.99. It is literally unmissable. I have bought almost the whole series. I got the first one off off Wizz Jones in Weymouth for £20 last year. It is so great though to hear how these people put together their view of folk music. And to listen intently to what they needed to make that synthesis.

The Marin Carthy dvd is easily the best of the lot. Not just because Martin is such a divergent thinker when it comes to guitar playing. But to listen to his thought processes, because he doesn't chat a lot onstage:-

1) he says that he had to forge like a blacksmith a style of English guitar playing. prior to him guitar was not an instrument in English music.

2) he says he can't understand why people think these songs that he sings aren't relevant . relevant to what, Norma says to him...because they're aren't motorbikes in them - they are great documents of the human condition, like Shakespeare and Dickens.

Sadly I think the thing he misses is that while he has had his head down creating all this music - the rest of us have been been busy having a life and creating history.

and we had stuff we wanted to express about our lives, and sometimes you had to know that it happened in a world where there were motorbikes and much else that simply wasn't there in a land when morris dancers ruled the earth.