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Posted By: GUEST,glueman
05-Apr-08 - 02:59 AM
Thread Name: Our ghastly folk tradition
Subject: RE: Our ghastly folk tradition
"Glueman, whoever said that was *really* wide of the mark there!"

Yep, like I say the facts aren't watertight but go to the heart of Parris's and many other's critique of the English folk style: an aspic pickled view of the world that's unable to leave behind the bucolic framework for the essence. Most people don't get any further than the frame, they see folk as relevant as Teddy Boys or Flappers to the contemporary experience.

" (the) meaning of the word "folk" in understanding a whole range of other folk arts".
Richard's comments, if I have understood them correctly, are misplaced. My wife runs a successful crafts degree course; the students enjoy exceptionally high placement in a range of areas from French couture houses to TV and film companies to the fashion business by updated authentic craft skills into the modern era. The skills are identical, the application is different. The alternative would be to seek work in non-existent mills or weavers cottages. The analogy to folk music is a direct one, you can keep the world-view of folk music and attract new audiences by building on common experiences, not historically specific ones.