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Posted By: GUEST,Tom Bliss
05-Apr-08 - 10:42 AM
Thread Name: Our ghastly folk tradition
Subject: RE: Our ghastly folk tradition
Hi Glueman.

I'm sorry you've had a rough ride here. You've stumbled in on a bad patch, I'm afraid. I've been posting here for a good while, and I've never felt so personally sandbagged, or been so depressed by the state of the debate, as I have been by this thread.

Mudcat is usually lively and feisty, but not normally nasty for very long. Sadly, this topic has touched a lot of personal sore spots, and brought out the worst in a number of people. I mentioned above that Mudcat was largely self-policing. I'm afraid here this has broken down, and what we're reading is a series of separate but overlapping arguments, where the people are re-fighting old battles, on which their minds are long made up and will not be changed however well-reasoned the point.

Some of the comments above are almost libellous, and the tone of the debate at times reflects badly on us all.

On most other forums, when this happens, some host or moderator steps in. But Mudcat has a very hands-off approach, and behaviour that would be edited in other places is allowed to run on regardless of the hurt and damage it is causing. (Which is why I remain a guest, by the way).

That said, there is been some valuable debate in between the tirades, and you have made some excellent points. I'm afraid I don't feel able myself to contribute any more here. Having failed to make any progress on these topics in the past I know that further debate will only generate more misunderstanding (I don't know if it's genuine or malevolent) and conflict, which I can live without.

However, I do hope you stay around and are soon accepted.

Good luck

Tom Bliss