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05-Apr-08 - 03:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: Shannon found- alive!
Subject: RE: BS: Shannon found- alive!
The reason we have dysfunctional families such as the Matthews in the UK is because of the Nanny state whereby it is considered ok if you are on the dole, sitting in front of the telly watching 'am I bovvered' and generally acting like the parasites they are.

This government has made our country a laughing stock with a million single mums having children by whoever takes their fancy for five minutes,given free housing and handouts for their various offspring.

Can you blame them? Well yes, because the poorest person can still have values and standards, but the wastes of space in the country are going to grab every penny they can and live off the taxpayers! The answer is to stop giving money to single mums, get people back to work and away from the idea that if they have a backache they can get disability etc. Family allowance should only be for the first child too. Bring in drastic changes and we will see a change overnight in peoples' attitudes.
Having said all that, I am so happy that Shannon is safe and well and long may she and her siblings remain so!

These people are a disgrace to the UK nothing but scroungers 7kids!! 5 fathers!! I bet everyone in this family will be a doleite when they grow up! if ever. Seems like some sort of scam to me if they benefit 1penny from this it should be given to charity.