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Posted By: GUEST,Bob Ryszkiewicz
06-Apr-08 - 02:59 PM
Thread Name: Mudcatters on YouTube
Subject: Mudcatters on YouTube
As many of you who have read my posts know; I've sorta embraced/hugged technology. It's good to see so many 'catters have "done the MySpace thang" as it will get your music heard around the world. So, me being the "Fun Guy" you all know and Love(O.K. O.K. maybe SOME of you.LOL) Nobody? Sniff..., Uh, where was I? Yeah, so I'm trying YouTube to see what happens...You can see my vid right here, and I decided to make it a bit of a "Promo" type of thing...
The stats? As far as I know, vids are being uploaded at the rate of 10 HOURS of video PER SECOND! Will you get seen? Undoubtedly. It's a different world when you compare it to MySpace. Kind of like "the wild west". But, nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say.

So, are Mudcatters interested? Have any of you besides me, Penny Lang, and Noah Zacharin tried it? Is there a future for Folk Music on YouTube?

There's a 5 star rating system. So far, 1 star for me by somebody, But ONE DAY, 5-STARS FOR SURE! LOL But hey, that's not bad for a speck in a sea of videos...And it HAS been only a little over 2 weeks.

The good news. I met this guy by the name of Lionel Neykov who got FEATURED by YouTube.The result? In excess of 240,000 views. That translated to 7522 plays IN ONE DAY on MySpace. I know another group with over 500,000 views which would be a lot of Folk Music if YOU got there...

This is getting to be Mudcat's longest initial post, but you get the idea...

Cameras ready? Good Luck to All...bob

p.s. I just crossed the 10,000+ Friends milestone on MySpace...So it DOES work...