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Posted By: Slag
07-Apr-08 - 06:26 AM
Thread Name: Our ghastly folk tradition
Subject: RE: Our ghastly folk tradition
My, my, my. I have been hesitant to enter into this, this??? This! I love folk music as well as other types of music. Rather eclectic, I am. Your trouble here is that while you, indeed, are a community, you are living your lives in a PUBLIC FORUM. Some have voiced concern about what newcomers and "Generation Next" will think of "folkies" and folk music in general. I'd be very concerned too after reading such vindictive and nastiness which peppers the foregoing. I hold my own below the line and post fairly often when I feel I have a point to be made and know what I am talking about. Above the line I pretty much hold my peace because, while I love the art, I know so little. I'm still learning----a lot! But I can usually keep my cool in a discussion.

Dylan warned that "the times, they are a changin'". What? Did you think that applied to everyone BUT folk singers? Hear the words of the prophet. It applies to you too! The thread title got it right but not for the reason you think. This "Eight Ball" who dissed Folk Music on the BBC is a nothing that can be easily dealt with by nothing more than proving him wrong by excellence in your product. If your product doesn't SELL, work it into something that DOES sell. But the ghastliness you have created here is appalling.

If you are just about preserving a tradition, well that's OK. That's why we have museums and anachronistic societies which re-enact old battle scenes and the like. The word is "conservation", you know, as in "conservative" YIKES! Since when did you all become conservatives????

One of my suggestions is, if you really have something nasty to say to someone, PM them. Keep the garbage out of the public view. That does mean, don't debate: just keep it civil.

As far as folk tradition, do the songs that tell today's stories, that take on current issues and conditions. I know that many of you do just that and I applaud you for that. Communicate this day and tomorrow.

If you want to tell me to bug off or stay out of it, don't waste your time. This will be my only foray into this thread. This is just for what it's worth.