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Posted By: Dave Earl
07-Apr-08 - 01:43 PM
Thread Name: Our ghastly folk tradition
Subject: RE: Our ghastly folk tradition

"Just ponder on how so many people (of all ages) have not the slightest wish to go within a million miles of a "f*lk club"

Are you saying that those clubs that are successful are still getting it wrong?

The Arms and the Royal Oak in Lewes have been going for many years (having inherited what was held in other other "clubs" before, and they continue in there different ways to provide what the Sussex Folk Scene will turn out on a wet night for.

You know about our workshops - Why do you suppose Lewes Arms put them on? Could it be to strive for improvement in the singers and musicians who attend ? Your view being that the song/tune should only be presented when it can be "performed" in expert manner would seem to require that the "performer" does all in there power to do whatever it is "properly" _ Heres our workshop to help you down that road.

We've had fiddle workshops in the past. I think the violin is your instrument, so did you consider attending so that you can progress beyond "quite good"

We get it all to work for us and I can't see what it is that you think we should be doing. You sound as if you feel that some missionary work is needed and we think that what we offer is just a little bit like that.

We know that we are succeeding but don't claim to be totally unique in that. We see other clubs in our part of the world that do things rather differently but are successful in their own ways. Others in this thread have claimed some success for their club/session or whatever.

What you advocate is an ideal and some may commend that but presentations short of your requirements can still support the continuation of the Tradition.

btw did you know that Jon Boden of Bellowhead comes from / has family in the Lewes area - suggest anything to you?