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07-Apr-08 - 02:20 PM
Thread Name: Our ghastly folk tradition
Subject: RE: Our ghastly folk tradition
Jon Boden was born in the US of A (Chicago I think) but grew up in Winchester (where the council gave him a grant to get his first violin).
So he has relatives in Sussex. Well so have I. And . . . ?

I know he's done Lewes Arms workshops. Everybody does. You never stop telling us.
He's done many other workshops all over the place. I've been at some.
I haven't been to any Lewes workshops because the train service from London and back is bloody awful (not your fault and Valmai did offer to find me a B&B),

I'm sure your club and your workshops are lovely.
But as already pointed out by others, untypical.
The era of the 60s f*lk club is way past its sell-by.
As others keep saying, they were fashionable once, 40 years ago.
Don't you remember your parents (or even grandparents) rabbitting on about how great whatever it was they used to fill their time with in the 1920s was?
And how bored you were because you were into . . . well, probably similar things but in a different setting?
Many young people nowadays are very interested in the tradarts and very knowledgable.
But they are going about it how and where they want to.
For gawd's sake stop telling them they should do what you do.