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Posted By: GUEST,Effectively capoing your 12-string -- a solu
07-Apr-08 - 11:55 PM
Thread Name: Twelve-String Guitars
Subject: RE: Twelve-String Guitars
A tip, for what it's worth:

Easier and more effective than cutting E- and A-string notches in the rubber of your Shubb capos: get hold of some 1/8" thick mouse-pad material (you can find mouse-pads cheap as dirt -- try eBay for instance).

Measure the rubber part of of the capo that goes across the strings; cut a piece of mouse-pad to fit; and Krazy Glue the cloth side of the mouse-pad to the rubber.

The mouse-pad being spongy, it'll press down both the regular and octave strings more effectively than the rubber sleeve does, with absolutely no buzzing.

It also makes retuning less of a necessity, because the capo doesn't need to be as tight in order for it to compress all the strings.

Mouse-pad material is rugged, and seems to last forever. I've been using my "Mouse-pad Modified Capo" for a couple years now and it shows almost no wear.

Those of you with tender sensibilities who might be concerned about ruining the rubber on your capo, keep in mind that Shubb offers rubber sleeve replacements for a buck!


Glenn Jones
Cambridge, MA