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Posted By: Peter T.
20-May-00 - 02:23 PM
Thread Name: A Kinder, Gentler Place
Subject: RE: A Kinder, Gentler Place
I think it is certainly possible to get bored with certain things on Mudcat (same old, same old -- it is certainly possible to get sick of me, I do it all the time), but I don't see any loss of much of anything, just lots more other things added which clog up the lines occasionally. The tone has improved recently after a bad patch. If I were moonchild and one or two others, I would have left this place forever then, and never darkened its door again, but that is for other, very understandable, reasons.

But I check in, and, lo and behold, there are all kinds of good things going on, as ever. Lots of brand spanking new people, from Kent to Killaloe. We have a great Mudcat travel movie about to be underway across North America. Many songs being requested; obscure wrinkles of the folk/blues business being laundered in public; quirky threads; people getting together on line or off. So I remain puzzled.

Certainly when it was a lot younger it was possible even for people like me (folk novices) to make substantive contributions, simply by adding basic song lyrics that hadn't made it into the database, and chatting about good songs, and meeting people for the first time. But after 9,000+, that gets harder and the contributions shift. We have lots fewer threads about great campfire songs (of course it has been winter for awhile). Sure, some people are posting less than they used to: maybe they have learned to ration their time better -- when people start off on Mudcat, often they just go crazy here for awhile -- it is addictive as hell, a new community in creation! -- and then taper off. They seem to come back when something gets their attention: they are not driving threads themselves. Such is life. It will not solve all life's problems, and is not all the community everyone will have. But it seems to ramble on regardless.

Rhythm change is not bad either: some new people posting a lot, some others checking in occasionally, others using it as a resource. It is a long term thing, this kinder, gentler place (which it is in the scheme of things, heaven knows), I hope, partly kept going by the likes of you. I am personally rewarded by your presence, and by all that you do, and have done: and take your concerns seriously, but remain amazed every day I set foot on this weird and wonderful terrain.

yours, Peter T.