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Posted By: Rick Fielding
20-May-00 - 11:53 PM
Thread Name: A Kinder, Gentler Place
Subject: RE: A Kinder, Gentler Place
You're a paragon of spelling virtue McGrath. One strange thing that's happened to me in my 2 years on Mudcat, is the dramatic improvement in my spelling, which has always been pretty erratic. Something else that I started noticing about a year and a half ago is my penchant for going into an odd kind of "slang" at times. ie: "ya gotta luv 'em, don't ya?" I've never written or talked like that before, but it's here in black and white every so often. Hope it's just laziness and not Demonic posession!

I doubt that Mudcat was ever "kinder or gentler", (I've checked) just much smaller and more folk-oriented. No one's found a better alternative though.