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Posted By: nutty
12-Apr-08 - 07:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: Diabetic Heaven
Subject: BS: Diabetic Heaven
Can you believe it after 12 years of being on a restricted diet, I can eat anything - ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING - I want.

I have just completed a very intensive 5 day course at the local diabetic centre on a new system for controlling blood glucose called DAFNE (DOSE ADJUSTMENT FOR NORMAL EATING)

The course is for Type 1 (Insulin Dependent) diabetics using the basal bolus system.
The main aim is to balance background insulin (long acting insulin) so that blood glucose is stabalised even if you don't eat and the your short acting is used to control your carbohydrate intake when you do. This means that you can eat what and when you want.

Alright - there is a down side - you have to learn to estimate and calculate your carbohydrate intake but that is a small penalty for getting flexibility back into your life.

Courses are available across the country (UK) although there is a long waiting list but I would recommend any diabetic on insulin to give it a try