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Posted By: GUEST,Keith Hollis New Zealand
14-Apr-08 - 10:37 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Talking Nothin' Blues

I looked from the hall to the top of the stairs,
Didn't see a man who wasn't there,
Nothin', nothin', nothin' at all,
Nothin' at all, all over the wall.
    A predominance of vacancy.

There's a man on the corner standing around,
Spreading nuthin' all over the ground.
Heard some passing people say,
All that nothin' gets in the way.
    Ought to be a law.

Went to the cupboard. The cupboard was bare.
Nuthin', nuthin', nuthin' was there.
Turned around, scratched my face.
So much dammed nuthin' all over the place,
    On the floor and in the chairs.

Well, I thought I’d better lay in a supply,
So I went to the store some nuthin to buy.
In the window a big display:
"We got plenty of nuthin' today,
    All vacuum packed."

Clerk came round, said, "What’ll it be?"
"Nuthin', nuthin', nuthin' for me."
"How do you want it? Large or small?
Fat or skinny? Short or tall?"
    "I'll take some with bows on it,
    Wrap it up nice for a gift."

Well, this song was written with nuthin' in mind,
Nuthin' at all of any kind,
Nuthin' at all of any degree,
And there’s nuthin' in it as you can see,
    Nuthin', nuthin', nuthin'.
    We was aided by a poverty of intellect.