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Posted By: Sheye
06-Mar-98 - 10:31 AM
Thread Name: Help name an Irish band
Subject: RE: Help name an Irish band
Late joining, I've been traipsing out-of-country for the past month.

I haven't had a TV for several months now and folks have asked me if I miss it. Are you kidding?? 52 channels with nothing on them - do miss the Olympics, though. And, my hunger for intelligent dialog and humour whilst staring at a monitor is quelled by you folks. (Never begin a sentence with a preposition, or is that propositition, leprechaun??)

Must babble, been away too long.

Way, to go Alison - excellent thread!! I liked Shamorck and Shears and The Bard in the Bush. Is the double entendre of that second one universal??

Speaking of double meanings, Australia has a teacher exchange program with Canada. One tale that came back to my Division was that of a young Canadian teacher that was at a high school rally and suggested to her students that they go out in full force and "root for the boys"!

Alison, I've tried to pick this up on the side, but my curiousity is outweighing my risk of embarrassment: What does "slainte" mean?

Later, Sheye