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Posted By: Amergin
18-Apr-08 - 01:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: Films I just cannot watch easily!!
Subject: RE: BS: Films I just cannot watch easily!!
I don't mind shows that have language, or sex, or long as they are an integral part of the plot....what irritates me is when movies and some tv shows use those just because....with the language the writers are so poor at writing dialogue they cannot write anything more than the word fuck or any of its derivatives. Violence for the sake of violence also irritates me. OOOOOO another car chase....4 millions bullets flying and the bad guys only scratch the hero....yet another object being blown up....whooopdidooo. Then the sex parts when the hero and the woman of the moment fall in love in five minutes and immediately hop right into's used as a filler to extend the film another 5 or 10 minutes or so....when everyone knows it should only extend the film about 20 seconds...with the scene usually ending up with him getting his face smacked and/or his balls being smashed by her knee.