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18-Apr-08 - 10:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: Films I just cannot watch easily!!
Subject: RE: BS: Films I just cannot watch easily!!
Thanks for your kind words, little hawk.

By the way, exactly which little hawk are you? Kestrel, prairie falcon?

Here's a story about motion pictures and motion sickness. After I saw 'Much Ado About Nothing,' I wrote the director a letter and told him that the movie was wonderful except for one thing - the dancing. He hadn't spent any time or money on the dancing - merely told the actors to fling out an arm or leg as the mood struck them. The result was that watching them made me feel almost sick. Those huge, unpredictable things coming at me!

I wrote that if he wanted people to spend money watching his movies he should give more thought to problems like this. (There are reasons by many people never go to the movies.) Well, I got a smart-alecky letter back from an assistant, who denied everything.

HOWEVER, I noticed that when Shakespeare in Love was made, the dancing was graceful, beautiful, and a delight to watch. That moment when four dancers held their hands up and described a slow circle while a high recorder played a beautiful air! It was the only thing in the movie I actually enjoyed.

I know it was a different director, but maybe, just maybe, somebody paid attention to my suggestion...   Profit motive and all that.

I didn't see the whole thing. We watched actors playing modern people while wearing Elizabethan clothes for a long time, and when somebody said something about wanting to see 'a daughter properly mutilated,' we looked at one another and said, 'Let's go.'